Top 5 Parent/Child Wedding Dance Songs

In my DJ experience, you certainly get asked for plenty of song suggestions. Some typical ex. great dancing songs, to the more atypical ex. good song for waiters running around with sparklers (that actually happened). The portion of the night where couples have sought my advice most often is when they have to dance with their parents.

While there are plenty of people who have had this song planned out since before they even met their spouse, there are others who just need a little nudge. For this dance, there are certainly classics to choose from (“Butterfly Kisses,” “Through the Years,” “In My Life” etc…), but not everyone is satisfied with the standards. Here are 5-ish of my favorite dark horse choices for this sweet moment.

1) “You Are My Sunshine” by Elizabeth Mitchell -

While Mitchell is certainly not the original artist for this song, I love the warmth that she brings out of it. This is one of those songs that if you grab the wrong version, and don’t REALLY listen to the lyrics, it can get dark very fast. I suggest using this one.

2) “I am Your Child” by Barry Manilow -

Ok, admittedly I’m partial to this one because I danced to it with my mom at my wedding, but that doesn’t take away how perfectly it frames this moment. It’s been the first song that pops in my head for this ever since he sang it on Murphy Brown in…well, the year’s not important. Just trust me.

3) “Forever Young” by Iron & Wine -

A couple of things here. First, I wanted to go with the Rod Stewart song because I love the lyrics, but I’ve never found a slower version I like. Second, I’m a big Bob Dylan fan, but I know not everyone enjoys his “unique” voice. This cover is a terrific option and is beautifully performed.

4 a) “Wild Child” by Kenny Chesney feat. Grace Potter -

This song is perfect for the beautiful bohemian in your life. For that little girl who is responsible for more than a few grey hairs on your head, I can’t recommend this song enough.

4 b) “Humble and Kind” by Tim McGraw -

I’ve tried to keep these gender neutral, but I like both of these options too much to not be included. I love this song for that mother who tried her hardest to turn her little boy into a gentleman. Side note: if you go with this one you might want to see if your DJ can edit out the guitar solo. That can get a little awkward.

5) “Never Grow Up” Taylor Swift -

I purposely saved this song for last. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever heard the song all the way through because my wife immediately is overcome with emotion at the thought of “her babies” growing up. Use this song if you want a beautiful moment and/or have stock in Kleenex.

Russ BurtonComment